Junior Gymnastics - Terms & Conditions

Terms & conditions

Registration Fee

  • A registration fee of S$50.00 is compulsory for every new applicant and is not refundable nor transferable. 
  • A training fee of S$360.00 (12 Lessons) must be paid promptly in the beginning of every quarter. (payable before commencement of class)
  • In the event that the Parent/Legal Guardian does not pay the full registration fees prior to the commencement date, the student’s course can be cancelled by the Training Centre and the place can be offered to another student.

Content of Course

  • The Parent/Legal Guardian acknowledges that the Training Centre is entitled to change the content of the course in which the student is enrolled in at any time, allowing for new topics to be introduced and inappropriate topics to be deleted

Termination by the Training Centre

  • If the student’s conduct is deemed unsuitable to attend the Training Centre, the Centre reserves the right to expel the student. Notwithstanding the expulsion the student shall be required to pay all course fees which are due or outstanding at the time of expulsion, and there shall be no refund of the course fees or other fees paid.

Parent’s/Legal Guardian’s Acknowledgement

  • The Parent/Legal Guardian hereby acknowledges that he/she has read and understood all policies desccribed in the brochure.