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about us

Gymnastics has a long standing history of more than 4000 years, and is still being enjoyed in every part of the world by people of all ages! It is an integral part of competitive sports (such as in the Olympics) and recreational sports (such as in aerobics, yoga, cheer-leading). Above all, in Singapore, its popularity is picking up, especially amongst our vibrant young children, because of its numerous benefits.

As it is physically challenging, gymnastics can train up a person’s physique, particularly coordination, strength, flexibility and posture. Gymnastics is universally recognised to be the most all-rounded sport as well! It works on the central nervous system, cardio-respiratory system, musculo-skeletal system, and immunological resistance. Besides the physical advantages, gymnastics can also build up a person’s will, courage and perseverance!

Gymnastics is most suitable for youths and children as they are still developing physiologically and psychologically. Especially for those who are active and playful, it is a good means to channel their energy into something useful. For our diligent students who are under tremendous pressure from studies, gymnastics offers a most positive and favourable avenue of release!

At The Junior Gymnastics Training Centre, you can come and learn to execute graceful controlled movements. Train up your strength, speed, endurance and flexibility. Become more resolute, decisive, disciplined and sociable. And what’s more, with an agile body, an alert mind, you’ll become a more outstanding person at play or in school!